Business environments differ.  So do your workspace needs.  CFI represents a wide range of highly-respected manufacturers of commercial furniture.  We have first-hand knowledge of their products, delivery procedures and installation requirements.  By staying current on new trends and furniture lines, we help you make the best purchasing decision for your business type and size.



We want to help you work towards the best corporate space that focuses on privacy, collaboration, technology, performance and flexibility.  Our team is dedicated to the details of space planning and finding the best solution for the client’s needs.









Furnishings for educational settings have special characteristics.  They must match the needs of an environment where comfort, flexibility and durability are paramount.  Selecting the right furniture for educational facilities is all about enhancing the learning experience.  Simplicity and the ability to meet multiple applications and accommodate additive elements put this furniture in a class all its own.






government flag

Government agencies have specific requirements for office furnishings, including adhering to standards for cubicles, desks, tables and chairs that are on the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule.  Experienced specialists who stay abreast of government regulations are essential when dealing in the areas of specification, space planning and services related to delivery, installation, reconfiguration, moves and service work.







Few industries require such highly specialized furniture as healthcare facilities. Healthcare is one industry where choosing the appropriate furniture is important to both maximize privacy and purpose.  Most healthcare facilities require furniture systems designed expressly for waiting rooms, exam rooms, administrative offices, lounges, nurses’ stations and conference areas.  Options abound with companies that offer this specialty.








Public spaces serve many purposes.  We want to service the customers and the environment for each application including restaurants, hotels, spas, theaters, sports venues, and country clubs.