Architectural Demountable Walls allow for a modular and flexible design that can be reconfigured as quickly as your workspace changes. Define a space and achieve various levels of visual and acoustical privacy with an attractive system designed to be consistent with the scheme of your office. These products are ideal for Conference Rooms, Private Offices, Meeting Spaces and Training Areas. With minimal to no impact on the floor or ceiling and little to no down time or construction mess, Architectural Demountable Walls are an obvious choice for owners, renters, landlords and facility managers. This less permanent and more cost effective solution depreciates faster than its drywall counterpart resulting in a quicker ROI.

Numerous options allow for endless possibilities and a customized design:

  • Finishes such as glass, wood veneer, laminate, vinyl and fabric
  • Framed or frameless panels
  • Multiple doors and hardware selections
  • Design and functional¬†features including magnetic glass marker boards, tack boards, etc.
  • Data and electrical integration

For your convenience, Contract Furniture, Inc. offers one complete quote that includes the design, purchase and installation. Our in-house installers are trained and experienced with installing Architectural Demountable Walls.

The CFI showroom, centrally located near downtown Tampa, currently exhibits all three Trendway Architectural Walls: Clear, Trendwall and Volo. We invite you to come see them for yourself!