Today’s workplace design is creating more open, collaborative environments and is reducing the number of closed offices and group workspaces.

Sound masking is one of the few options for managing sound and helping to create more comfortable environments in which to work. Sound masking delivers speech privacy and comfort within the designed environment to allow collaborative and individual workspaces to co-exist.  Individuals will produce their best work in a non-stressful, comfortable environment and without proper acoustics this environment is unattainable.

When properly designed, sound masking dynamically improves comfort and collaboration in the workspace by gently raising the ambient background sound uniformly with a clean, consistently random, broadband, non-intrusive sound.  Installing an office sound masking system changes the speech to noise ratio within a space. The scientifically engineered sound is amplified through individual speakers installed above or in the ceiling throughout the space to create a uniform field of sound that ensures temporal and spatial uniformity.  The sound masking system “fills” the plenum and filters down into the space below, without phasing, to gently raise the background sound level.  This rise in sound level covers, or masks, unwanted office noise. As a result, noise from overhead speech becomes less intelligible.



From single, desktop units to a couple hundred square feet to a few million square feet spread out globally, Lencore has a solution that meets your objectives for speech privacy, comfort and communication.

If you are interested in sound masking for your workspace, please contact us to learn more.