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Here are the details of each CEU being offered at CEU Fest.



While professional workers are spending less time in the office each week, the meaning of that time may have changed in important ways. The office has become an important location for symbolic, social, learning, and creative interactions. A direct result of this movement is that the design of offices has taken on a high level of importance. Beyond simple notions of efficiency, physiological, and security needs, office design has gained attention for its ability to meet the emerging needs of workers related to personal experience, connection, engagement well-being, and happiness as they spend fewer, but perhaps more important hours in the office.

Designation: HSW | CEU Credit: 1 hour | Presented by: Sam Barry with Kimball



Highlighting ergonomic concerns, this seminar seeks to bridge the gap between workplace aesthetics and functionality. Discussion topics will include developments in seating, input device design, display technology, lighting, and employee-level training. Learn how to implement an ergonomics plan to reduce employee discomfort and injury risk while earning LEED-CI Credits and lowering costs.

Designation: HSW | CEU Credit: 1 hour | Presented by: Heather Packard with Humanscale


Well Being: Amenities in the workplace

Well-being at work is a growing challenge for companies struggling with unpredictable economic environment and in that perspective, more and more become dependent on their employees’ willingness to go the extra mile. Encouraging ‘well being at work’ by developing active elements in this area positively impacts employee engagement and eventually company performance.

Designation: HSW | CEU Credit: 1 hour | Presented by: Sam Barry with Kimball



Offsite construction: demand grows as labor shrinks

Rapid breakthroughs in technology, unpredictable economic swings, a high demand for a varnishing skilled trades infrastructure, plus the increase in cost to build are dramatically shifting the design industry as we know it today.

 AIA Course | CEU Credit: 1 hour | Presented by: Jim Stuart with Trendway


Accessibility and the ada - 2010 standard for room IDENTIFICATION signs

This course will educate the attendee about current US & International ADA/Accessibility Requirements (including the 2010 Standard SAD) as it relates to room identification signs and will provide education about the technical characteristics (geared toward helping specifiers) concerning the most commonly used material (photopolymer) for Accessible/ADA compliant signage.

Designation: HSW | CEU Credit: 1 hour | Presented by: David Pearce with 2/90 Sign Systems


UNderstanding codes and textile performance

Gain an in-depth understanding of the four components of textile performance: Flammability, Durability, Clean-ability, and Sustainability. This CEU equips you to evaluate textile performance using current industry studies. This will better enable you to avoid common specification mistakes and meet the aesthetic requirements of your projects.

Designation: HSW | CEU Credit: 1 hour | Presented by: Shannon Picklesimer with CF Stinson