Architectural Demountable Walls

With little to no impact on the floor or ceiling and little to no down time or construction mess, architectural demountable walls are a great option for owners, renters, landlords, and facility managers. Less permanent and more cost effective, they depreciate like furniture; faster than drywall for a quicker ROI. Data and electrical integration is built right in, and a wide variety of finishes, frames, and hardware allow for a truly custom look. Plus our trained in-house installation team has years of experience working with these products.

Ergonomics & Office Accessories

When creating a workspace, how well an employee will feel working there is just as important as how cool the space looks. In fact, an ergonomically correct workspace lowers the risk of injuries and can improve employee happiness and productivity. Our team can guide you through all the furnishing options we offer to help you create a more ergonomically correct work environment. And yes, it will still look cool.


This is probably one of the most overlooked aspects of a space—clear directions. You see it in offices where new employees or visitors are wandering the halls trying to find a bathroom. Or at a hotel or medical building where people can be seen desperately searching for the location of their important meeting. With our experience, we can look at your space and tell you exactly which signs your space needs and where it needs them.

Sound Masking & Acoustics

In today’s open office design, noise can be a problem. The furniture, layout, materials, and surfaces in the space all contribute to the amount of sound in your office. Luckily, there are multiple solutions to alleviate unwanted and distracting noise. Solutions such as sound masking, acoustical panels, acoustical furniture, and accessories, can all be incorporated into various environments while being both stylish and practical.