Classrooms, Lecture Halls & Labs

Today, education is a more interactive experience. Student's interact more with teachers. And both interact more with technology. To create an atmosphere that's a comfortable fit for both requires a new way to look at student seating and classroom functionality. Yes, you need comfortable furnishings, but they need to have the flexibility to accommodate both large and small groups of people; they need to be wired for today's technology; and they need to be adaptable to the ever-changing educational landscape.

Collaborative & Lounge Areas

Learning is no longer confined to the inside of a classroom. In today’s educational environment, students collaborate with each other; share ideas; and spend long periods of time researching online. So it’s important they have places where they can go to accomplish these things. With our products and experience we can help create a space that offers comfortable, flexible seating areas for both group collaboration and private work.

Living Spaces, Dorms, Dining Halls

When students are away at college, it's nice to still be able to enjoy a little of the comforts that they had at home. While the dorm room is the first place that comes to mind, dining halls, and student lounge areas are also good areas to consider making more welcoming. Flexible seating, ability to connect to the internet, privacy walls, and adjustable work stations are just a few of the improvements we can bring to any college campus.