Dining, Lounge & Cafe Spaces

Here is where a hospitality establishment has the chance to be creative and make a guest feel like he or she made the right choice. What they experience here will set the tone for the remainder of their stay. We have a variety of seating and space design solutions that will give a space just the right look and feel while our experience working with a brand will ensure that it still speaks the company voice.

Lobby Areas

A lobby is more than just the entrance to an establishment. It’s a gathering place where guests mingle, wait for assistance, or just sit to take in the atmosphere. We consider all three when we help design this space. We make sure the furnishings work within the space to creative a beautifully functioning environment. And we do it within any size budget.

Pool, Patio & Outdoor Dining

Outdoor areas should get the same attention as indoor designs. After all, they are living spaces — just without the walls. A well designed outdoor space should provide areas for different types of activities — social, private, and relaxation. A place where guests can enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors while sitting on furniture that looks like it would be at home in the great indoors.